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Well, not you specifically. The general you. Sort of. A bit.


I backed myself into a corner and managed to coerce myself into doing a 30-Day ATG Challenge. What the hell is this?

Starting tomorrow (technically today since it's 1 am), I will be doing a random :iconmlp-atg-alumni:  weekly prompt every day for 30 days. This shall prove several outstanding points:

  • That I actually can improve over time if I do enough work
  • That the universe will not implode due to the poor quality of my art if I keep doing it
  • That :iconlunarapologist: will not, in fact, tell me to give up and stop submitting if I send in such a tide of low-quality entries
Others are persistent that these concepts are true, but I am skeptical. However, I have also been told I either need to shut up or do something about it, and I like making my keyboard make its clacking noises. So.

A random number generator was used for this, and any repeats were rolled again.

Day 7: Week 75 - A Crafty Pony
Day 8: Week 20 - Mystery
Day 9: Week 92 - Pony Being a Bore or a Bored Pony
Day 10: Week 60 - Pony Being a Pony
Day 11: Week 67 - Pony of the Night
Day 12: Week 49 - Pony Outfits
Day 13: Week 98 - Pony In Danger or a Perilous Pony
Day 14: Week 10 - Sleeping Pony
Day 15: Week 82 - Huge or Monstrous Pony
Day 16: Week 88 - Pony Going Down or Descending
Day 17: Week 77 - Pony Outside Their Comfort Zone
Day 18: Week 44 - A Pony Being Villainous
Day 19: Week 7 - A Pony Chilling
Day 20: Week 104 - A Pony Reaching a Milestone
Day 21: Week 29 - Show Us How It's Done
Day 22: Week 56 - High-Speed
Day 23: Week 30 - In the Future
Day 24: Week 83 - Chaotic Pony
Day 25: Week 5 - A Shocked Pony
Day 26: Week 13 - Confused Ponies
Day 27: Week 63 - A Pony Recovering
Day 28: Week 22 - A Pony Finding a Magic Flower
Day 29: Week 45 - A Pony in Waiting
Day 30: Week 53 - Demonstrating Cutie Mark

So there it is. As is typical with any ATG drawings I did previously, I plan to both overuse my OC and think outside the box for ideas before I even glimpse inside it. I have no idea what to expect and even less of an idea if I should regret this, but honestly? Kind of looking forward to it.

That's got to be worth something, right?



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